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I’M A Photographer, writer, baker AND CREATIVE CONSULTANT.

Originally from Cape Town, I grew in a home where food was the centre of everything. I started reading recipe books and spending time in the kitchen from a young age, and with my mom having been a restaurant owner and chef (as well as all the women in my family being incredible cooks), my love for food and cooking came incredibly naturally.

I attended the Institute of Culinary Arts after completing high school, and while my love for creating food was firmly intact, my career took a different path to that of being in a commercial kitchen. After over 10 years in business development roles within FMCG, print and digital publishing, I moved to Shanghai and was able to transform my hobby of creating food content into something I did for a living. After heading up the content team for a cooking app at a tech startup for two years I decided to turn my personal blog, Delicious Monster, into a creative consultancy focussing on recipe development, food styling & photography and content creation.

I’m also incredibly passionate about photography, something else that grabbed my attention early on in life. If I wasn’t using all of my pocket money on disposable cameras and getting my roles of film developed, I was saving up for my first “real” camera (a second-hand analogue Kodak), attending photography workshops where we built pin-hole cameras out of empty cigarette boxes, and doing photography as an art subject in high school.

In 2012 I completed a digital photography course through the University of Cape Town, which was a great introduction to understanding more about composition, light and shooting manually. I regularly do refresher courses and am always looking at ways in which I can improve my craft. More recently I enrolled in Broma Bakery’s Foodtography School, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and have just started their Restaurant Photography course. At the moment I’m shooting with my Canon M5, opting mostly for my 50mm 1.8 and Macro 28mm 3.5 lenses when it comes to food, and edit using Lightroom and Photoshop CC. I shoot mainly with natural light, but in cases where I need to maintain consistent lighting for certain projects, I’ll use artificial lighting. When using my iPhone, 99% of the time I’ll take photos and edit using VSCO.

My approach to food and photography is simple; I prefer uncomplicated dishes which hero the food itself, and want people to be able to engage easily with it. When it comes to ingredients, wherever possible I like to know where my ingredients come from, and will always support local if I have the choice. My motto is quality over quantity, which drives me to consistently deliver work and food of a high standard. I love nothing more than creating beautiful food that not only photographs well, but tastes great too.